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Some canines are considered to be the most dangerous dogs by people — particularly by the neighbors of such dog owners. But only their owners know that even these dogs have a softer side to them. It is just the matter of what their owners want them to show, and how well they are trained. They are hard-shelled animal s with a soft and gentle core. They are well-behaved, obedient, and easy-to-train. Any dog can be dangerous under the right circumstances, even the Chow Chow. All you need to know is a proper way to train each of them.

We have studied the behavior of many so-called “dangerous dogs” and talked to their owners to gain insight about them. We have distilled all the knowledge we acquired, and have prepared a repertoire of information about their habits, idiosyncrasies, behavior, training requirements, and care tips. The knowledge we acquired will immensely benefit the dog owners and will help their dogs befriend the neighbors. We share this information in bite-size (no pun intended ? ) – easy to understand segments exclusively with our e-mail subscribers. To get our most dangerous dogs newsletter in your email box for free, click here.

In our study, we have found that there are some breeds, which are considered as “bully breeds” by the non-owners of these dogs. Based on what people say, we have compiled the list below of 10 such dogs, who despite their protective nature, are considered dangerous.

The Top Ten Most Dangerous Dogs

Bully – They’re Not. Protective – Yes They Are

The above line summarizes what these dogs really are, but despite that, dogs like the Dalmatian, German Shepherd, etc., are considered unsuitable for the neighborhoods, and people often stand at a distance from them..


Dangerous Dogs - Dalmatian

Even Dalmatians can become dangerous dogs

The first surprise is the Dalmatian, a very energetic and smart dog and part of many families. These dogs have been glamorized in the movies as being extremely gentle. The truth is that Dalmatians are very protective and have been known to act aggressively towards human beings, If the are being provoked, although dog training books can help


Rottweiler - dangerous dogs photo

Rottweilers can be dangerous dogs if not trained well

Like other dogs on this list, which are feared by the masses, Rottweiler dogs are also not very dangerous. They are quite good-natured, very loyal, obedient, and disposed to following orders. These dogs can easily be trained and made acquiescent. Rottweiler dogs are quite fearless and are very alert. They could be dangerous, hence proper training is required.
We share tips on Rottweiler dogs in our email newsletter. If you own one or want to own one then you must subscribe to our newsletter for hot tips on Rottweiler dog training.


Dangerous Dogs - Boxers

Can Boxers become dangerous dogs?

The independent and slightly stubborn nature of Boxer dogs has brought a bad image to them. Although they are harmful to strangers, they are known for the love they shower on the owning family and for their faithfulness to their masters and their households. A Boxer is, by nature, harmless to its masters. You can easily train your Boxer dog, provided you know the right way to do so. We have some great insight on this breed, which we are willing to share with you. To know how to make your Boxer dog bright, friendly, and modest with neighbors, all you need to do is subscribe to our most dangerous dogs newsletter..

Presa Canario

Presa Canario - vicious and dangerous dogs

Presa Canario - one of the most dangerous dogs

The Perro de Presa Canario or Presa Canario, as it is commonly known, was bred to protect cattle, so temperament-wise this breed of dogs is very dominant. Presa Canario dogs are of strong character. They require proper obedience training. They should be socialized early in their lives for them to become an integral part of your family. After early socialization and obedience training, dogs of this breed can stay happily with your children, other dogs, cats, horses, and other pets. Sign-in today to our dog training newsletter to get hot tips and tricks on training your Presa Canario. Once trained, it is a great dog.

Chow Chow

Chow Chow - cna be dangerous dogs

Yes, also the Chow Chow can become one of the most dangerous dogs

The Chow Chow was bred in China, and it is also known as Songshi Quan. This breed of dogs looks quite harmless, but in the absence of proper training they can become very aggressive. Once they are properly trained, their bond with their masters and their loyalty to them are unparalleled. This breed is quite active, so you will need to keep them engaged. Learn the ways in which you can keep a Chow Chow engaged by subscribing to our most dangerous dogs newsletter.



More Surprises with the Top Ten Most Dangerous Dogs

There are more surprises in the world of dangerous dogs, as two more breeds that you would not expect make this list. It goes to show how unpredictable the list of the top ten most dangerous dogs can actually be.


Malamute - Dangrrous Dogs phote

Malamutes can be dangerous dogs

This wolf-looking breed is not very dangerous. Malamute dogs are, instead, quiet in temperament and loyal to their masters. They are of independent nature, and have genetic makeup to fight the battle of survival — survival of the fittest, which makes them one of the toughest breeds to train.
To train these dogs, one needs to make the training fun for the dog, and not too much repetitive and thus boring. Don’t know how to do it? Sign in to our most dangerous dogs newsletter to get hot tips on training Malamute dogs.


Husky - inconspicous but dangerous dogs


Husky resembles Malamute in its appearance. Both look wolf-like. This breed is not very aggressive, but lack of exercise can make these dogs very aggressive, as it is a very intelligent, energetic, active, and resilient breed. If Husky dogs are not kept engaged in activities they get bored, which could result in excessive aggressiveness. They are not that tough to train, but you need to know a proper way to do it, and a dog training home study course will immensely help you in this..


The Usual Suspects:

German Shepherd

German Shepherd - interlligent and dangerous dog

You would have guessed that German Shepherds can be quite dangerous dogs

The German Shepherd is an obvious inclusion in this list of most dangerous dogs. That is why I deliberately put it on the list. German Shepherd dogs are renowned for their strength, intelligence, and response to obedience training. These dogs are known for their eagerness to learn. They often need a purpose, a goal to chase.
You will need to keep them engaged by giving them something worthwhile to do, which, as a dog owner, you may run out of. We have compiled a list of purposes that you can give them, subscribe to our most dangerous dogs newsletter to get access to such dog training resources.


Doberman - looks like a vicious dog

No one needs to be reminded that Dobermans can be very dangerous dogs

A Doberman is known as a guard dog, and it tends to be very aggressive, but a skillful training can make it a wonderful pet that becomes very loyal to its owners. A Doberman dog is known for its intelligence and alertness. If a Doberman is at home, it is tough for anyone to trespass upon your premise. Although this breed is synonymous with aggression and furiousness, it works well in keeping up with young ones in the family.
Doberman dogs can be trained to be harmless to family and friends, despite losing their original characteristics of being a guard dog. During our study to find ways to tame and train most dangerous dogs, we came across some hidden ways in which a Doberman could be trained to be harmless, in no time. Subscribe to our newsletter and we will send all that we know in your email inbox for free.

Pit Bull

Pit Bulls - the most dangerous and vicious dogs

Pit Bulls - can be the most dangerous dogs

Pitt Bull dogs were bred for fighting by cross-breeding bulldogs and terriers, so aggression is their prime disposition. These dogs could be very dangerous for inexperienced owners, thus it is mandatory to train them properly. Obedience training and socializing of these dogs will not bear any result, if improper means of training and socialization is used. You will need an expert’s advice, tips, and training to train your Pitt Bull dog properly.
We have developed a repertoire of resources, which will help you train your Pitt Bull. The good news is our resource is free for all our subscribers. Subscribe to our most dangerous dogs training newsletter to get expert’s advice on how to train your Pitt Bull dog for free.